Cake Pineapple

Ingredients for 6-8 people

• 2 cans of Morfat Creamy or Ermol Creamy (500g)

• 200g digestive type cookies

• 100g melted butter

• 50g whitened and lightly roasted almonds

• 2 tablespoons powdered sugar

• 1 pineapple jelly

• 1 strained yogurt around 200gr

• 300g canned pineapple in slices


. Crush the digestive biscuits and almonds in the blender. Put them in a bowl, add the butter and mix them until homogeneous.

 . Press the cookie mixture until the bottom of a mold with movable walls is covered and put the mold in the fridge while you prepare the jelly.

. Beat one Morfat Creamy or Ermol Creamy with the mixer on medium and then on high speed until fluffy. Add the yogurt and continue beating, after lowering the speed of the mixer.

. Then add the jelly slowly, while still beating with the mixer. Spread the mixture in the pan over the base of the cookies and leave in the fridge for several hours.

To serve the dessert, unmold it and garnish with the second Morfat Creamy or Ermol Creamy, whipped with the icing. Decorate the cake with pineapple slices.