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Morfat Creamy

Wake up the chef inside you. Quick and light confectionery and cooking!

Morfat Creamy is the richest, fluffiest, velvety whipped vegetable cream with skimmed milk, without sugar, without preservatives and it can be used like dairy cream. In a short time you can easily and quickly prepare the most delicious sweet and savory recipes, as it can be used just like dairy cream. Guaranteed result in every recipe!

Avena Farm (Προσεχώς)

From Demeter, the mother of cereals. Divine pleasures with Avena Farm oat flakes, the number one cereal for health and energy every day!

Avena Farm oat flakes are a 100% plant-based product rich in fiber and is a source of protein. Oat is rich in B vitamins, minerals, fiber, trace minerals and antioxidants thus enhancing the immune system and the body’s defense against germs and viruses. Include Avena Farm oat flakes not only in your breakfast but also in your daily meals for a balanced diet.

Ermol Creamy

Your ally in every recipe for 60 years. For ensured success in every creation, Ermol Creamy and you succeeded!

The whipped cream Ermol Creamy from skimmed milk, without sugar and without preservatives is ideal for both confectionery and cooking as well and it can be used like dairy cream. With Ermol Creamy you can prepare quickly and easily the most fluffy and velvety whipped cream, sweet recipes but also savory using it as dairy cream. Definite success in every recipe!

Morfat Choco

Morfat Choco the Chocolate vegetable whipped cream is a unique product!

There is nothing like it in its class, combining top quality with a ready-to-eat chocolate result without the need to add cocoa to achieve a chocolate taste. It is the easiest and fastest solution for chocolate dessert in minutes. Creamy, rich, fluffy with a chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth! Professional result with homemade taste!