Why choose our whipped creams:

  • They are long lasting products. Their long shelf life is due to the excellent quality of the raw materials as well as the complete thermal sterilization and the excellent quality of the packaging material.
  • They consist of skimmed milk and vegetable fats.
  • No animal fats and no preservatives.
  • No sugar and no extra salt.
  • Gluten free.
  • They have rich taste and velvety texture.
  • They do not lose their volume, doesn’t ‘break’ , they do not change their consistency.
  • They fluff up the creams, complementing their taste.
  • They can be mixed perfectly with other ingredients (alcohol, fruit, chocolate, etc.).
  • Flawless behavior in the freezer.
  • They can be used anywhere and just like dairy cream.
  • Guaranteed result.

Why choose our oat flakes:

  • Avena Farm oat flakes is a 100% plant-based product and is truly a superfood as it is a source rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. Its nutritional composition is perfectly balanced in order to provide the ideal and necessary balance in your daily diet. You can include Avena Farm oat flakes into your diet very easily and in many ways and take advantage of all the beneficial qualities of this nutritious and delicious food. You can start with the following ideas:
  • Consume Avena Farm oat flakes with milk or yogurt and add honey, cinnamon, seeds, nuts, fruit pieces or chocolate to your preference.
  • You can add Avena Farm oat flakes in smoothies with ingredients of your choice such as vegetables or fruits.
  • Consume Avena Farm oat flakes as a hot meal by adding milk or water and creating a hot porridge.
  • Use Avena Farm oatmeal to coat vegetables and meat instead of breadcrumbs or flour.
  • You can use Avena Farm oat flakes in the form of flour, after a light procedure in the blender, to prepare various baked goods such as bread, breadsticks, rusks, cookies, cakes and other recipes that you will find on our blog.

Explore all the combinations and recipes that Avena Farm oat flakes invites you to create and they will definitely become your favorite, daily and healthy habit.